FAQ's on Decorative Landscape Curbing

Why has decorative landscape curbing becoming so popular?

Landscape curbing has proven to be the best choice edging all over the world, and it's appeal has grown as people have learned about it's versatile qualities.  Curbing is practical, cost-effective, and much easier to install than most hardscape or other concrete jobs, and, with so many styles and patterns available, it can be designed to meet any taste or preference. Plus, curbing is permanent and doesn’t shift, rust or rot.

Why should I consider getting into the concrete curbing business?

Curbing is both profitable and rewarding: first, curbing has unlimited potential because it can be installed virtually anywhere; second, it sells itself because it’s the best edging product available in the market; third, with proper training and equipment, curbers can provide very professional installations and make healthy profit margins, while working either full-time or part-time.  See Income Info.

I don't see much curbing where I live – will it work in my area?

Even though concrete curbing has been around for decades, some areas have very little of it installed. This means the potential is unlimited because curbing is appropriate for any climate or geography, with any home or property. Once landscape curbing is introduced into a neighborhood, it's popularity spreads like wildfire.

I'm concerned about competition – what if there are already curbing contractors in my market?

Even smaller towns and cities with several curbers never become saturated –there are just too many homes and businesses that are candidates for curbing. Take a look around your neighborhoods – typically, only a small fraction of property owners have curbing, but almost all of them will have an interest in it.

Do I need to have experience in concrete or landscaping?

No, many of our customers are not experienced in either concrete or landscaping.  With the proper training, we find that all types of individuals have the potential to be very successful. TYGAR™ offers excellent training that is geared to teach anyone the process of concrete curbing.

Is training required?

No, but we highly recommend it.  Because TYGAR™ has training sessions twice a month, we have refined and improved our program to ensure the best quality classroom and field training for our customers. With our training, you will be able to recoup your cost much quicker by offering a better product and a more efficient curbing job.  See Training Info.

What kind of support after the sale does TYGAR™ provide?

TYGAR™ is the best in the curbing industry at providing after-sales support.  Our staff offers very prompt and complete service for any of your questions or challenging curbing jobs, so please know that you can always rely on us for your technical needs.

Do I have to purchase a complete equipment package or can I make changes for my specific needs?

TYGAR™ is always happy to design the most practical and cost-effective equipment package to meet your interests. We will make recommendations based on our extensive experience, but we routinely change out equipment based on a customer’s request.  And we are happy to design a custom package to meet any budget.  See Curbing Packages.

Why is curbing so profitable?

With it's rising popularity, curbing contractors are in great demand in almost every town and city. With a product that sells itself, and demand that is growing, the ability to sell curbing jobs becomes easy. Concrete curbing is one of the few processes that typically require only one day for completion, including prep and clean up, so contractors find that they can really enhance their profit potential. It’s also not a “do–it–yourself” product, so competition will always be limited. And, the costs are extremely predictable, so you always know your profit on every foot.  See Income Potential.