Income Potential from Landscape Curbing

The concrete curbing business offers a number of attractive advantages to anyone seeking to start a new business or add a profit center to an existing business.  The demand for concrete curbing has grown substantially in the past few years.  However, in most areas, there are thousands of houses without edging of any type, so the income potential for curbing is huge.  Most jobs produce a gross profit between 60% and 80%, which is extremely profitable compared to most other businesses.  See more below, and check out this INCOME POTENTIAL CHART!


  • Concrete curbing is not only profitable, but the income is very predictable and stable.
  • The financial returns grow with each additional foot of curbing (which more than cover the small up front investment and usually low operating expenses).
  • You get paid immediately upon completion – no more waiting on that check!  And its often in cash.


  • It's flexible – curb as many as 2-3 jobs per day, 6 or 7 days a week, or do it part time, along side your other work
  • One-day turnaround on almost all jobs (easy setup and quick cleanup)
  • EASY TO SELL, because customers talk and they spread the word for you, helping to grow your business even while you sleep.

Who should consider curbing?

Anyone seeking a second income, needing home-based business, a flexible work schedule & hours. The predictability of income allows for full or part-time enterprises. Plus, it’s great for landscapers, concrete contractors, or any other contractor.  To see ranges of possible job income, see this INCOME POTENTIAL chart.

To ensure the success of your curbing business, TYGAR places great importance on training and support – ours is the absolute best in the industry! That's one reason we are not a franchise, and we don't charge any ongoing fees. We give you the tools for success without the strings attached, and you receive free tech support for as long as you own your equipment.