TYGAR CurbColors™ & Curbing Additives


CurbColors™ Color Chart

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TYGAR™ supplies the industry’s most trusted integral dry concrete color designed specifically for use in decorative curbing. With both cost-effectiveness and convenience in mind, our pigments are packaged in convenient 1 lb. bags so contractors no longer have messy measuring problems. CurbColors™ consists of the highest quality dry pigment, with 24 radiant colors formulated by TYGAR™ to match most any variation of curb style. The unique packaging, wide range of colors, and overall cost/benefit combine to make CurbColors™ the most innovative color option for any curbing contractor.

Our complete line of curbing additives:
  • TYGAR Release Agents: custom mixed to blend with our integral colors to create a wide variety of antique effects on curbing. Available in 6 popular and unique colors.
  • Effor-Guard™ Color Enhancer/Efflorescence Preventer: a plasticizer and integral waterproofing admixture, Efflor-Guard is uniquely formulated to improve workability, increase strength, reduce efflorescence and enhance colors, for a lasting and brilliant curb.
  • TYGAR SafeSeal™ curb sealer (NEW!):  The absolute best cure & seal available for integrally colored curb. Tested and approved by our customers, adds a highly durable and radiant seal to any decorative curbing. It is also non-hazmat and  ships UPS!
  • TYGARTuff – Raises PSI by over 50%: a special polymer catalytic compound; blends easily to create by far the strongest decorative curbing available. Especially effective in preventing issues from freeze & thaw cycles.
  • TYGAR Fiber™ for Curbing Reinforcement: forms a bond within concrete for greater stress control, and TYGAR Fiber adds strength and reduces cracking, increases resistance to impact, freezing/thawing, abrasion, corrosion, and harsh weather conditions. 
  • CurbSheen for Smooth & Easy Troweling: a spray-on lubricating agent that eliminates imperfections and greatly improves the troweling and stamping process
  • TYGARTop Curb Coating (NEW!):  Revolutionary new polymer-enhanced surfacing agent overlay mix that allows greater decorative options, stenciling and stamping for new or old curbing
  • TYGAR KillCrete – strips away concrete buildup (NEW! ): A non-acid, non-corrosive and safe concrete dissolving solution, perfect for cleaning tools, machine buildup, mixer blades, and residual concrete. Non-hazmat!
  • CurbCable Cable rolls for the BENGAL: Braided, galvanized cable that's imbedded into curbing to add cohesion and prevent separation, especially in harsh climates.
  • TYGAR’s Slo-Set™:  a retarding agent for curbing that slows set times and improves stamping surface; ideal for hot, dry weather.

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