TYGAR's Stamps and Rollers for Decorative Curbing

TYGAR's All New Slatestone Mat Stamps!

Much like the Belgium Block that we introduced in 2009, the Slatestone Mats will offer a radically new shape in curbing. This set of 4 mat stamps create a very realistic stone in the angle shape, with deep impressions and a wide mix of textures. With double stamping (stamping the same curb twice), you can actually produce 6 different stone patterns. And for the first 30 days, we'll sell the Slatestone Mat Stamps for $100 OFF:

BUY ONLINE: Slatestone Mat Stamp Kit - Intro price of $495 (normally $595)*


TYGAR's Stamps & Rollers Brochure

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TYGAR has the widest variety of stamps and rollers for decorative edging in the world. Our many years of research have produced over 30 custom and proprietary patterns, and we are coming up with new creations all the time. Our rollers are made of special hard polymer designed just for decorative edging, and our impression tools are made of the finest cast metal. All of our stamps and rollers are made to work seamlessly with our curb styles and antique release agents.

Our stamps and rollers are designed specifically to make deep, lasting impressions on these types of curbing:

  • Landscape Curbing Stamps: Over 30 styles for standard 6" wide impressions (these can be purchased individually, or as part of our stamp pacakges, which come in sets of 8: see Online Store)
  • Walkway Stamps: A wide selection of extra large stamp tools and rollers for our 24" walkways
  • Driveway Liner Stamps: These 8" stamps provide decorative stamping for driveway skirts and patio liners
  • Belgium Block Mat Stamps: This proprietary stamp set of flexible mats produce the authentic Belgium Block curbing
  • Mower's Edge Rollers: Specifically designed to make impressions on our Mower's Edge (Decorative) style of 6" curbing

CLICK HERE for a complete pdf brochure of our stamps and rollers, or please call 1-866-625-1126 or e-mail us (dhodge01@bellsouth.net) with questions.

* Special on Slate Stone Mat Stamp Set