Sales & Marketing Packages for Landscape Curbing
& Decorative Concrete

TYGAR makes getting into business easy by providing the most comprehensive sales and marketing products available. With years of expertise sales & marketing, we provide proven products and methods that really work. These packages are not only effective marketing tools, but, because they are truly turnkey, they allow you to begin selling jobs right away. This saves valuable start-up time and results in greater income generation in the long run. 

Designed for either curbing or decorative concrete, our packages typically include (and they can also be purchased individually)

  • Estimate/Invoice Forms, for bidding and designing jobs
  • Home and Garden Show DVD, for tradeshows, commercials, web pods
  • Home and Garden Show Design Guide, for assistance on preparing for shows
  • Professional, glossy marketing brochures for selling curbing
  • Photo CD's with of curbing pictures and/or decorative concrete photos (for ads, galleries, web and other media)

We also have the ability to customize your package with only the items you need.  Visit the TYGAR eStore for more detail on pricing.